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SQLite Release 3.42.0 On 2023-05-16

  1. Add the FTS5 secure-delete command. This option causes all forensic traces to be removed from the FTS5 inverted index when content is deleted.
  2. Enhance the JSON SQL functions to support JSON5 extensions.
  3. The SQLITE_CONFIG_LOG and SQLITE_CONFIG_PCACHE_HDRSZ calls to sqlite3_config() are now allowed to occur after sqlite3_initialize().
  5. Query planner improvements:
    1. Enable the "count-of-view" optimization by default.
    2. Avoid computing unused columns in subqueries.
    3. Improvements to the WHERE-clause push-down optimization.
  6. Enhancements to the CLI:
    1. Add the --unsafe-testing command-line option. Without this option, some dot-commands (ex: ".testctrl") are now disabled because those commands that are intended for testing only and can cause malfunctions if misused.
    2. Allow commands ".log on" and ".log off", even in --safe mode.
    3. "--" as a command-line argument means all subsequent arguments that start with "-" are interpreted as normal non-option argument.
    4. Magic parameters ":inf" and ":nan" bind to floating point literals Infinity and NaN, respectively.
    5. The --utf8 command-line option omits all translation to or from MBCS on the Windows console for interactive sessions, and sets the console code page for UTF-8 I/O during such sessions. The --utf8 option is a no-op on all other platforms.
  7. Add the ability for application-defined SQL functions to have the same name as join keywords: CROSS, FULL, INNER, LEFT, NATURAL, OUTER, or RIGHT.
  8. Enhancements to PRAGMA integrity_check:
    1. Detect and raise an error when a NaN value is stored in a NOT NULL column.
    2. Improved error message output identifies the root page of a b-tree when an error is found within a b-tree.
  9. Allow the session extension to be configured to capture changes from tables that lack an explicit ROWID.
  10. Added the subsecond modifier to the date and time functions.
  11. Negative values passed into sqlite3_sleep() are henceforth interpreted as 0.
  12. The maximum recursion depth for JSON arrays and objects is lowered from 2000 to 1000.
  13. Extended the built-in printf() function so the comma option now works with floating-point conversions in addition to integer conversions.
  14. Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance optimizations


  15. SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: 2023-05-16 12:36:15 831d0fb2836b71c9bc51067c49fee4b8f18047814f2ff22d817d25195cf350b0
  16. SHA3-256 for sqlite3.c: 6aa3fadf000000625353bbaa1e83af114c40c240a0aa5a2c1c2aabcfc28d4f92

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